Selected Publications

Negative shocks predict change in cognitive function and preferences: Assessing the negative affect and stress hypothesis. (2021) With C Codagnone, F Montealegre, C Gómez, R Charris, G Liva, F Lupiáñez-Villanueva, F Folkvord, GA Veltri. Scientific Reports. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-83089-0

Do negative economic shocks affect cognitive function, adherence to social norms and loss aversion? (2020) With F Montealegre. Journal of the Economic Science Association, 6:57–67

Citizens–experts’ interactions under different institutional arrangements: assessing the role of uncertainty, interests, and values (2019) with C Codagnone and GA Veltri. Journal of Institutional Economics, 15(5) : 861-879

Socioeconomic stratification and stereotyping: Lab-in-the-field evidence from Colombia (2018), with LM Jiménez and DA Reyes, International Review of Economics 65(1): 77-118

Exposure to and recall of violence reduce short-term memory and cognitive control (2017), with G Grimalda, P Ortoleva, and P Ring, PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1704651114

Endogenous Skill Biased Technical Change: testing for demand pull effect. (2016) With M. Lucchese. Industrial and Corporate Change, 25(2): 227–243

Pathos & ethos: Emotions and willingness to pay for tobacco products (2015) with C. Codagnone, GA Veltri, A Chakravarty, P. Ortoleva, G. Gaskell, A. Ivchenko, F. Lupiáñez-Villanueva, F Mureddu, C. Rudisill PLoS ONE DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0139542

The challenges and opportunities of nudging (2014) With C. Codagnone, G.A. Veltri and F. Lupiáñez-Villanueva Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health DOI: 10.1136/jech-2014-203948

Profits, R&D and Innovation: a Model and a Test (2013) with M. Pianta Industrial and Corporate Change 22(3): 649-678,

R&D and Employment: An application of the LSDVC estimator using European Microdata (2012) with M. Piva and M. Vivarelli, Economics Letters, vol 116, pp 56-59

Technology, trade and skills in Brazil: some evidence from microdata. (2011) with B. Araujo and M. Vivarelli CEPAL Review, 105: 157-171

Innovation and Employment. An Investigation using Revised Pavitt classes (2010) with M. Pianta Research Policy, vol 39(6), pp 799-809

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